MasterCam X6 (32Bit/64Bit)

Thiết kế

– Stock Model
– 64-bit Support
– New tool database/manager
– Solid trim to surface
– Solid edges intersection and trimming
– Trim/Divide support for splines
– All and Only Mask arc sweep
– Quick Mask group option
– xform rotate min angle
– Active report updates

Phay 2D :

– Stock Model
– 2D HST by Depth and Pocket
– Bull nose support
– New chaining
– 2D HST Blend Mill compensation
– Zigzag for Dynamic milling toolpaths
– 2D Contour Smoothing
– 2D HST Peel Mill adjust start/end
– 2D HST Dynamic milling variable radius
– 2D HST Dynamic milling approach from outside control (lead in/out control)
– 2D HST Dynamic milling open toolpath

Phay 3D :

– Stock Model
– OptiRest toolpaths
– Hybrid Finish filler passes
– OptiRough now two toolpaths, OptiCore and OptiArea
– Mill toolpath drop-down menu reorganization

Tiện :

– Face optional finish feed/speed
– Face corner break
– Canned groove optional Finish feed/speed
– Variable depth roughing
– Finish down-cutting strategy
– Groove rough optional retract feed on first plunge
– Groove finish option to remove undercuts
– Finish tool inspection
– Rough remaining stock, including pinch turn
– MT Misc Ops


– Power Library Manager for Tech Libraries
– New autosync

Multiaxis :

– 5-axis Stock Model toolpath trimming
– Support for tapered tools
– Blade Expert
– Port Expert Enhancements

Giao diện của MasterCam X6 : 



Các bạn lấy link của anh Nguyenthanh

Source 32Bit :

Cr@ck 32Bit :   (Update)

Source 64Bit :

Cr@ck 64Bit :    (Update)

Hoặc có thể download link mediafire ở đây :

Source 32Bit :

Cr@ck 32Bit :   (Update)

Source 64Bit :

Cr@ck 64Bit :    (Update)

Pass mediafire :  nguyenthanh2309

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